Sunday, April 9, 2017

Another Milestone

We are rapidly approaching the nine year anniversary of the blog's founding on May 11th.  From the humble beginnings at Clark Haley's golf tourney for friends to honor Coach Groves in 2002, we have become the envy of many Track Programs around the country.  Starting a week before the 2008 Tourney, I triggered my desire to write a blog.  I always figured I would be writing things that absolutely no one would ever want to read.  So it finally hit me that I could combine my interest in writing things down with promoting Clark's vision and making it blossom.  Things have worked out quite well since then.

We have passed the 600,000 page view mark, meaning we have averaged 185 page views a day since our humble beginnings.  Please keep the site bookmarked and visit often.  And send us anything you have; memories, anecdotes, stories, pics videos, old t-shirts...    I use almost everything people send in and all of it enhances the bonds that bind all of us to PSU Track and Field. While many things contribute to the success the Penn State Track and Field Program is experiencing, our little efforts are certainly adding to that achievement.

603,000 Page Views
8 years, 10 months, 29 days
2,839 Posts 

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