Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Spott Moskowitz Nearly Topped Us All

My Jack Russell Terrier Spott Moskowitz (named for an Odd Couple Season 3/Episode 4 character) actually predicted that North Carolina would win it all this year.  Like me, Spott is a conservative picker, always giving deference to history and experience above emotion.  Unlike me, Spott will be receiving a welcome treat this evening for his efforts. Maybe even bacon...

Artist's Conception.

He nearly out picked our entire group.  Only Colin Heitzmann (Distance) bettered him by placing 5th.  Spott comes in at 10th!  Jason Cole (Distance) was 18th and Tom Bisko (Sprints) 19th.

Division Winners – see “Div 2017” for final details.
·        Celebrity – Sports Illustrated (1st)
·        Dog – Spott Moskowitz (10th)
·        Hoops – Karen Morse (75th)
·        Kid – 8th grade and younger – Maxim Kletter (2nd)
·        Kid – High School – Lindsey Barbella (15th)
·        Open – Buddy Ancharski (13th)
·        Penn State Open – John Barbella (20th)
·        Penn State Spouse/Sig Other – Lianne Kurina-Pritchard (7th)
·        PSU T&F – Distance – Colin Heitzmann (5th)
·        PSU T&F – Field/Multis – Marshall Cannon (43rd)
·        PSU T&F – Mid-Dist – Aidan O’Reilly (24th)
·        PSU T&F – Sprints – Tom Bisko (17th)
·        Non-PSU T&F – Michelle Lilienthal (3rd)

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