Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Just A Few Answers And Team Pics (From Coach Groves!) For Ricky Garcia

The word went out yesterday for some remembrances for Ricky Garcia's time at PSU.  And some have already come in!  Thanks, keep them coming....

  • Ricky Garcia was an awesome competitor and a great teammate. Always smiling and gregarious, even when he was barking at a certain coach!!! -Larry Mangan.
  • Recalling 1982 TAC US 15km road championship...hosted in State College...Jeff Adkins wins..I have race of my life running with Ricky Garcia for first 8 miles.. then he drops me and puts at least 30 seconds on me in last mile to finish in top 5 in the United States championship. But he's a miler/ steeplechaser... what range!!  -Harry Smith.
  • My most vivid memory of Ricky is when he and Ted (Lyon), both former teammates at TC Williams HS and having more than a little history with each other, were having another one of their epic spats on a run. We were near the Creamery on a run across campus and Ted kept egging on Ricky and finally said something that really pissed off Ricky. I don't know what it was. Ricky tackled Ted and somehow a rock materialized in Ricky's hand although I didn't see where the rock came from. Ricky yelled that he was going to bash Ted's head in and he might have done exactly that if we hadn't pulled Ricky off him. We kept them away from each other til they calmed down. To this day, I can't be certain Ted and Ricky weren't just trolling us all, but if it was an act, it was a damn good one by both of them. Although this episode was full of violence and the threat of worse violence, it was not hard at all for a bunch of college boys to find the whole thing pretty hilarious too. Definitely memorable and I made a mental note to avoid making Ricky mad ! I remain hopeful that Ricky will regain his memories. Those were some of the best times of our lives, and I pray that some of these stories may help Ricky in some way. Hang in there Ricky and stay upbeat !!  -Mark Haywood.
  • Don't make Ricky mad. Ricky is one of my best friends. He actually wasn't the only person I pissed off. Great athlete. He probably could have had a college scholarship in a few sports. Intense competitor and we all know the really good ones have a bit of a mean side. I know he's suffering and Read his FB posts everyday. He is dealing with pain that would put most men on the floor - but remember he ran the steeplechase! We all love you Ricky!!  -Ted Lyon.
And Greg Fredericks has chimed in with links to team photos from all the Coach Groves' years! Check out 1980,1981 and 1982 XC for Ricky and all of his teammates. CoorespondingTrack years.

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