Monday, May 18, 2009

Blog Snags Exclusive Interview!

Clark Haley, blog editorial chairman and professor emeritus has received exclusive rights to an interview of Coach Groves at the 8th Annual Coach Harry Groves Golf Tournament and Reunion. His 4-part expose will appear in the blog some time after the event on May 30, 2009. A wide-ranging discussion should prove interesting to all Penn State Track and Field Alumni Golfers. Preparations are underway to bring professionalism and gravitas to our investigative unit prior to the interview.

In related news, Coach Groves turned down offers to be the head official at the NCAA Regional Meet in two weeks, clearing the way for his attendance at our Tourney. He even has plans to practice his chipping and putting prior to the event. That places all you non-attendees in the dog house, in case you are wondering. As Sergeant at Arms Douglas C. Neidermeier told Flounder, " You are worthless and weak, drop and give me twenty". There is still time to bribe an officer to be included in Coach's foursome.

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