Tuesday, May 5, 2009

That Blob Isn't Me! Physics Update

Physicists have discovered a blob at the center of the Universe which existed shortly after The Big Bang. Even at my worst, the blob wasn't me or even Downtown, the mascot for the York Revolution baseball team. Downtown visited me at my office last year for an evaluation of his size 57 feet. Not really sure what Downtown is, but the feet had some webbing involved so I'm thinking bird.

There was some confusion at first as to whether the blob might have represented an earlier golf outing get-together of PSU Track Alumni Golfers, but none of the previous incantations were sufficiently large enough to explain the size of the blob. This year's reunion may remind physicists of a Big Bang though; we have 32 golfers and at least a dozen hangers-on. We often get a bunch of last minute appearances by those never able to make commitments, so the total will certainly be over 50 Alumni Golfers (remember the golf is optional, the mirth is required). Those appearing at the last minute will be persuaded by hammer throwers to make a donation to the group, and possibly win a prize besides! We don't turn people away, but we may twist arms to fill in a few golfing slots still available. It isn't too late to join in the fun, but time is slipping away!

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