Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Will the Weather Hold Out For Us?

The weather forecast for Saturday still looks good. There is rain in the forecast for early Friday. For you non-golfers, that is often a good thing. Generally it will make putting more like the mini-golf you are used to, minus the dinosaurs and windmills of course!

Weather forecasting was only about 80% accurate when I was a kid, but with the trillions in dollars spent on Doppler Radar and such, forecasting is now 81% accurate. So we have that going for us.

Addendum: We are dangerously close to my 1 year ago goal of 40 golfers! At least 9 full foursomes will hit the links Saturday, with nary a decent golfer among us! Coach Gondak wishes us luck on the links as he heads out to the NCAA Regionals today. He has been rewarded with a PSU is 800U t-shirt for being a friend of the group and coaching the current crop of 800 meter guys, and looks forward to golfing with us next year. We hope to include the current team, if possible, in the future.

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