Sunday, February 3, 2013

Everyone Needs an Alumni Singlet!

It is time to open another round of orders for the Alumni Singlet.  You've seen them on some very fast recent alums and  some older alums who are back in shape.  But did you know that just about anyone can get an Alumni Singlet of their very own.  Even Treadmill Hobby Joggers such as myself.

The new order form is up and running. A very special and big thanks to Mark Hawkins, who has volunteered to do the heavy lifting on this round.  We will compile orders for a while (not sure how long yet) and will have them ready for the Alumni Reunion weekend in May, or possibly sooner.

I anticipate that the style and company will remain the same, but if anything changes I will alert you here, on the Blog with it all.  This is the Nike "Miler" Singlet in white with navy blue lettering for the men and blue with white lettering for the women.  Each will include graduation year (or year of significance) on the right shoulder and the Varsity "S" on the back collar.

Costs will be $40 to $45 dollars with possibly some shipping costs later.  You will be informed via email as to costs and where to send it at a later time.

There are nearly 100 of these spread around the nation.  Let's let everyone know we're serious about supporting our program.

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