Sunday, February 24, 2013

Help Keep the Momentum Going

It's time to set aside the weekend of May 17-18 for the 12th Annual Coach Harry Groves Golf Tournament and the 2nd Annual Penn State Track and Field/Cross Country Reunion.  It's also time to get in touch with a friend to join you.  Last year's event drew more than 100 alumni from 8 different decades!. Forty runners took a campus loop for a warm-up to the team's practice and 40 more climbed Mt. Nittany to claim the site for PSU Track.  We would love to top that this year.  The result of all the support is evident with the performances by the men and women at this weekend's Big Ten Indoor Championships.  The more we support the Program, the higher the Program's status and the better the recruiting becomes.  Success breeds success. 

Monetary support is always needed, and every little bit makes a difference.  But just like the golf, no matter what your level of giving is, you are a valued member of our community.  Your enthusiasm may just be the reason an anonymous donor steps up and contributes to the scholarship endowments with incredible gusto.  It has happened before, and I'll keep at "herding cats" to the best of my humble abilities to see it happen again.

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