Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Will The Universe End Before Your Running Shoes Wear Out? And Other Things

With the Big Tens this weekend I thought I would try to get rid of some recent submissions to our humble little blog.

First Up,the bad news is it turns out that the discovery of the Higgs particle means that the Universe is doomed.  We kinda, sorta suspected that all along anyway.  And it won't be because you burned that firewood without telling Big Brother.  It's just that the Universe was quite unstable to begin with.  A disaster waiting to happen.

The good news is that it will last at least long enough to wear out your next pair of running shoes.  The experts at the NYT (I swear I read the gray Lady more and more!) can't seem to agree at all on when that will be.  Friend of the group and Harrisburg Inside Track manager Henry Klugh is even quoted in the article.

Someone has to get in touch with Bill Murray and invite him to our event.  He has been known to show up to things when invited.  We could use the levity.  His new muttonchops crack me up!

And last but not least is video of a little trick from last year's golf tourney with some of the better golfers.*

*Not really.  We couldn't get that many guys to sink the first of those putts!


  1. I called Bill's agent and he can't make it. Turns out he's trying to lose weight to fit into a medium alumni singlet and there isn't enough time between now and May. Maybe next year? Ray Krombel

  2. "Medium" is being discontinued in the singlet sizing scheme. It will now be known as "the size between large and small".

  3. I'm an extra-extra medium. Who do I see about ordering that size? LTM :)


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