Wednesday, February 13, 2013

PSU is 800 U: And Millrose (and IAAF) Bound

On an otherwise off week for the Nittany Lions, a small contingent of athletes will head to the Armory in Manhattan for the Millrose Games.  A quartet of middle-distance stars will make a stab at a team record in the 4 x 800, or possibly more...

Remember, this isn't the 160 yard wooden monstrosity that Coghlan ran on at Madison Square Garden!  They are probably still cleaning up from the Westminster Dog Show anyway.  The Armory track is at least as fast as the Ashenfelter oval*.

Banana Joe after possibly soiling Madison Square Garden.

In other news, Penn State already has someone slated for the IAAF World Championships this summer!  It's Head Coach Beth Alford-Sullivan, who will be the Women's Head Coach for the squad.  Additionally, she will soon be in charge of the organization with the longest name in the world**, the USTFCCCA.

And Ryan Whiting continues to lead the world in the Shot Put, winning another meet in Poland after just 15 hours of travel.  I just flew in from Poland and boy are my arms tired!

* I know it's not an oval!
** Maybe not the longest, but close.

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