Saturday, February 23, 2013

PSU is 600 U (Just for Cas!)

In one of the most exciting meets in history, the PSU Men finished third in the 2013 Big Ten Indoor Championships.  Only four points separated the top 5 teams!  The Middle Distance corps of PSU garnered most of the points and won the 600M, the 800M, the Mile and the Distance Medley Relay during the meet. 

Robbie Creese had the first ever win for PSU in the Mile run, while Cas Loxsom ran the fastest 600M on US soil ever.  This was also the School, Meet, Facility and would have been the American Record except for the 300 M track.  The finish in the 800 M had PSU in first, third, fifth and seventh.  Brannon Kidder led the way.
Photo by Becky Miller

Photo by Becky Miller

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  1. Very impressive performances across the board! Way to go PSU.


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