Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Elaine LaFramboise Pino's dog Cliff.  His running streak ended at a wall of snow!

The recent snowfall records in New England take me back to my "glory days" in Phabulous Philadelphia.  The great snowfall there in 1983 was the beginning of my search for the perfect Kung Pao. The only restaurant open was The Szechuan Inn, and we asked for the waiter's favorite dish.  I've been trying every version I can find weekly ever since.

I remember 50 inches of snow, but the official tally was really 27 inches.  It was the only time in history that the school closed.  We skied down the middle of Market Street to Broad Street.  It was a wonderful time.  Looking back, I even managed a run of several miles, but I don't remember that at all.

My roommate at the time was from Milford, Connecticut, scene of some of the worst of the recent storm. They only got 38 inches!  I'm happy he got to see both of the storms, and not me.  His office is one block away from the original Subway Sandwich Shop.  I'll bet both were closed for awhile!

Anyone have any Snowstorm Stories to tell?

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  1. No Bile, I will not tell the rest of the snowstorm story about my roommate. This is a family blog, after all!


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