Monday, February 4, 2013

"PSU is 800 U" Meets the Super Bowl

From our intrepid Director of Fun in the glorious Big Apple comes word of a kinda, sorta connection between the Super Bowl and 800 U (otherwise known as Penn State Track and Field).

It turns out that San Francisco 49er Linebacker NaVorro Bowman was roommates with standout 2-lapper Mike Malizia when NaVorro ended up in Coach Paterno's dog house one time.  And Teddy Quinn figures if your roommate is in the dog house, you're in the dog house as well.  I agree. 

I lived next door to PSU lineman Mike Munchak and Irv Pankey (Irv was a tight-end back then!).  I don't think either was in the dog house, but they probably could have been.  A visual etched into my retina is of a naked Irv Pankey sliding down a flooded, detergent filled hallway of the 2nd floor of Holmes Hall.  We all ended up paying for the flood damage to the first floor.  And I still can't get rid of that visual!!!


  1. Kids do the darnedst things, even 6-4, 255 pound kids.

  2. Irv would show all his "girlfriends" how his thighs were bigger around than my chest. Everyone would laugh but me.


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