Friday, April 29, 2016

Distance Night Performances

Here's all the PSU related distance results from the 2016 Penn Relays by place (just to mess with your mind).

  • Tessa Barrett                  2nd place   5000M        16:08.11
  • Jillian Hunsberger          4th place  5000M    16:27.39
  • Brian Fuller (Alumni)    7th place  5000M    14:38.25
  • Colin Abert                     9th place   5000M         14:10.66
  • Ean Disilvio                    9th place   3000M SC    9:06.25
  • Timothy McGowan       11th place   5000M      14:10.94
  • John Dugan                    13th place  3000M SC    9:13.90
  • Kyle Dawson (Alumni) 14th place   5000M  14:46.33
  • John McGowan             20th place   5000M     14:23.09
  • Wade Endress                24th place   5000M     14:28.83
And a special note for Don Skerpon's daughter Elyse Skerpon, who was 2nd in her heat of the 400M H!

  • Elyse Skerpon                32nd place  400M H     1:03.53
  • Rachel DeCecco             44th place   400M H     1:04.89

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