Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Updates: Son of Sam and Jeremiah Johnson?

No sooner had I brought up Son of Sam as an oblique reference to the recent slashing of a jogger at Van Cortlandt Park, than Spike Lee had to jump on my bandwagon!

I put the Trailer for Spike's film Summer of Sam on the post.  Now Spike claims that Donald Trump is Son of Sam for the terror he has instilled in New Yorkers.  It's a stretch, even for the idiot who ruined Marthas Vineyard with his out-of-place mansion on the north shore.

And Rob Whiteside continues his trek along the eastern spine of the United States.  Up and down, up and down, over and over again.  He's well into Virginia now, braving cold nights and the vagaries of the youth with him.  Daughter the Elder is with him and has declared that I may use her name and image on the blog with it all!  Phoebe and Rob have somehow stuck together for the first 25% of their trip without driving each other crazy!

Rob and Phoebe.

Rob doing what he does best.

Looking a little grim early in the AM.

"Goodbye to all that. (Politics) I am turning into Jeremiah Johnson, a shunner." -Rob Whiteside.
You can follow Rob and see more pics on his Facebook site.

Rob relates he is turning into Jeremiah Johnson, but I really hope not.  The real Jeremiah, not the Robert Redford one, killed 300 Crow Indians after one of them killed his wife.  Ate all of their livers, according to a myth I don't believe...

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