Friday, April 22, 2016

News From Minnesota

The sad news is, of course, old news already.  Prince was just about my age, but is no more.  He packed a lot into those 57 years, with thousands of new musical diversions still squirreled away at his compound.  (Hint: Never become successful enough to have your own Compound. Nothing good ever seems to come from it.)

Prince running. Photo by David Rivkin.

One of the best stories I heard was from Joe Piscopo, who was friends with Prince since his times of SNL glory.  He related that he once partied all night with Prince and Micheal Lindell, creator of My Pillow.  Still made in Minnesota!  (I have a My Pillow, and it is worth the $10 price tag.  A very good pillow.)

Apparently Lindell never even knew who he was partying with after spending the whole night with Prince!   Lindell's substance abuse tales are well known, and he has been sober for many years now.  RIP Prince

"I don't know. Go ask Prince."
-Eric Clapton, when asked what it was like to be the best guitarist alive. 

And speaking of Minnesota... Ken Cooper does a lot more than bring his Annual March Madness Pool to our Universe every year.  He keeps in great shape too!

Ken has run a mile in less than 5:00 for 30 straight years. His entry this past year was 4:45 in an Indoor event.

Next up for Ken is the Penn Relays 4 x 400 in his new Alumni Singlet.  Good luck.

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