Saturday, April 16, 2016

Workout Wednesday: Penn State Women Ladder Workout

 I bit the bullet and signed up for Flo Track Pro in order to watch the upcoming Penn Relays Carnival live.  That means I can share other videos and content from them on our site after the fact.  Here's Coach Gondak and Coach Reckart putting the "girls" through their first indoor workout of the season.  (Will I get in trouble by calling them girls?)

Workout Wednesday: Penn State Women Ladder Workout:

FloTrack took a trip to Happy Valley to see the Penn State women do their "go to" workout for opening up the 2016 indoor season.

Workout: 3x200 2x300 1x400 2x300 3x200 w/ 90 sec rest

Group 1 featuring Tori Gerlach - 10min Warm-Up/10min Tempo/10min Cooldown  33.8/34.3/34.0/50.5/51.5/66.2/49.5/49.1/31.1/33.2/28.5

Group 2 featuring Tessa Barrett - 10min Warm-Up/10min Tempo/10min Cooldown  34.4/35.1/34.6/52.8/52.3/70.3/52.0/52.0/32.8/32.9/29
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