Sunday, April 17, 2016

Today's Arbitrary Highlight! Triple Jump

My one and only Triple Jump occurred in the 9th grade and soared to more than 33 feet!  That was the same day as my only high jump over 5 feet.  Since I couldn't carry a pole vault pole and the javelin was still prohibited, I was never going to be a multi-eventer...

The Bison Invitational at Bucknell was the scene of some fine Nittany Lion and Nitany Lion Alums Triple Jumps yesterday.  Brian Leap (still makes me giggle!) won the Triple Jump with a fine 53' 4.25" (16.27M).  But just behind him was Steve Waithe (Alum) with 15.86M and Hanif Johnson (Alum) with 15.22M.

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