Monday, April 4, 2016

Yonkers Has Always Been A Hotbed of Crime

The recent uptick in crime hasn't just happened in Manhattan.  It has now moved out to the suburbs north of the city.  And even to a place near and dear to XC runner's hearts!  Yonkers' neighboring Van Cortlandt Park was the scene of a slashing of a jogger on the running and horse trails.  Yonkers was also the home of postal worker David Berkowitz, the notorious Son of Sam.

Not unlike many State College Game Lands trails.

Yonkers isn't all bad, it has been pointed out to me. And they actually recently restored a river that had been buried under the city for many years.

And still no one has commented on my new avatar on the right sidebar.  Made from a Powerpuff Girl avatar app, celebrating the return of the great cartoon from the  early 2000's. There is also another avatar at the very bottom of every web site post, featuring me as Cartman the Blogger.  Which do you think is more accurate?
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