Monday, April 11, 2016

Now It's Time To Fill Out The Form

Time keeps moving forward at a seeming ever-increasing pace for everyone but the brightest theoretical Physicists among us.  Now is the time to fill out the entry form for the 2016 Penn State Track and Field Alumni Reunion and Coach Harry Groves Golf Tournament.

Remember, the golf is always optional, but highly recommended.  No skill or experience is really necessary, and there are people emblazoned on the Championship Cup who never even held a golf club before our tournament.  It's a chance to spend some time with some of the greatest people on the planet.  But if you opt to not golf, there is always the Climb of Mt. Nittany with my dog Pooky, who will be doing her 5th in a row!  There is the Alumni "Run" where you can eat donuts and drink coffee even without running.  You'll be able to check out Airship 800U in it's first PSU Track flight to record the shenanigans.

If costs are holding you up, get in touch with me or any one of our Idiot Officers and we will help. This will be the biggest and most fun Reunion yet.

Click on the form and print it.  Fill it out and send it with payment to be part of the Largest and Most Active Track Alumni Group in the World. All leftover funds are destined for the Coach Groves Scholarship Endowment.
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