Friday, June 3, 2016

800U News Keeps Getting Better!

And there is even more to come!

First up, Steve Shisler was just named Coach of the Year for the PTFCA!  His State College Boys team took home the team title by 1 point at the PIAA AAA Championships last week for the first time in school history.  The fact that he golfed with us and attended our Reunion with his busy schedule is a testament to his organizational skills!

His 4 x 800M team won with a splendid 7:37.25 time, #1 US, which I am sure pleases him more than just about anything could.  State College is 800HS!

Alex Milligan, anchor.
 And in other news....

Olympic Champion Dave Wottle has accepted an honorary membership in 800U!  With his school,  Bowling Green University, without a Mens track team (yeah, they have a Womens team!), I thought he might like to join with us.  That means he is on a team with his Bowling Green mentor, Sid Sink, and his 1972 Olympic opponent Yevgeni Arzhanov, who joined us a few months ago.

Dave Wottle, right, with Jim Ryun, left.

There will be more to come, I promise.

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