Thursday, June 30, 2016

Lives Are Always Changing. And The "Experts" Tell Me That This Is A Good Thing

As a lifelong York Countian, I am averse to any change.  And yet change is inevitable.  Qualified people in various professions tell me this is as wonderful thing, and should be embraced and celebrated.  But that doesn't take away the fear of the unknown.  But we must all dive in at some point!

Rob Whiteside conquered his fear and went on a lifetime quest with his daughter to traverse the entire Appalachian Trail.  He prepared for this over years, and just dipping a toe into the cold, cold waters of change occasionally.  And yet looking back, he did prepare well enough to actually do it!  Rob and both of his daughters are probably the only people on planet earth who have walked every single road in Princeton, NJ.  So I am confident that Rob and Phoebe will be the world's only people to trek the Trail and have seen every inch of Princeton!

Well, ALMOST do it, as he is now entering Maine in the final couple of hundred miles of tough, rugged hiking.  I was invited to tag along on his quest a long time ago, as I am a fan of the Trail overall.  But in the same way I am a fan of Mt. Everest.  I will never do either, but I have extreme interest in both.  And admiration for the brave, brave folks who conquer themselves and the target of their fears.

Rob took a break for one day after topping Mt. Washington, scene of America's worst weather.  He was pleased to have some of the best weather there that can possibly be.  My vibes must have worked...

Morning in New Hampshire..

And Stephen Walsh has decided to enter a new phase of life also.  He has ended his track coaching career at William and Mary after award-winning stints there, Providence and Penn. His PSU degree in Accounting will serve him well!

Stephen Walsh.
One final note for today:  Upon learning of the passing of Coach Bell of Indiana, Coach Groves smiled a little and noted that he had outlived another one.  There really is only one Coach Groves. Thanks to our Course Marshall for the Coach update.
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