Friday, June 10, 2016

No One Should Let Me Design A XC Course

But I will only be helping, so all is good.

Later today I will be helping Coach Bill Preston (HS Coach of and Matt Hutzelmann, Bob Hamer and others) of PSU Mont Alto lay out his new XC course at Norlo Park, halfway between Mont Alto and Chambersburg, PA.

And he has already been warned about my course tendencies, so he wouldn't dare take much of my advice!  I personally set up the course at my high school, which happened to dive into thick woods, crossing a creek and jumping a large fallen tree while ducking other large limbs.  Of course, this was done twice.  Many people didn't like any of it, but I relished it.  Cross country should always be like that!

I think I will take Airship 800U along for some aerial pics and video of the course.

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