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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

New Tracks In The Big Ten

Well, the PSU Track is being refurbished so we can host next year's Big Ten Outdoor T & F Championships. And don't forget that our Reunion will be that weekend too!!! This is the second time the track has been resurfaced since its 1979 conception.  I will let our Official Physicist Brian Boyer tell us...
First track lasted 79-95...and was in terrible shape after about 10 ducks and their poop all spring.
This track lasted 96-16...and the last time I was by it was in far better shape than the old one at about 5-6 one will probably last until my mortal demise....
And I hope they don't make it a goofy color, which is all the rage right now.  The emphasis should be on the performance, not the appearance.  Just wish they would bother to make a stadium around it.  (I do have preliminary sketches if anyone is interested?) If I only had a few $Million...

All photos stolen from Greg Fredericks' emails...

A decent metaphor for my track career.

Rolling, rolling rolling...

And not to be outdone, Michigan is building a new complex to host Track and Field and Cross Country (and a few other minor sports!).  Interestingly, they will also have seating for a few thousand fans for the indoor track and 500 for the outdoor one.  Sound familiar?

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