Monday, June 27, 2016

Darrell Hill Drafted!

Into the Tracktown Track and Field Series!

I'm not sure how it all works.  That's for the Interns to figure out under the direction of our new Intern Czar Kevin Kelly O'Brien.  But it is another attempt at a professional track and field league culminating in a championship at Hayward Field.  I think I read that there will only be one meet this year, but regional meets in the home cities will be in the future.  Including Franklin Field!

Darrell Hill was selected for inclusion on the Philadelphia team.  No news on ridiculous mascots, but I'm sure they are coming.  I suggest the Philadelphia Schuykylls, so that no one ever spell it correctly or know what the heck they are talking about.  In addition to the 16 drafted athletes on each of the four teams, there will be 20 athletes added via free agency.  Look for some more Nittany Lions among the ranks.

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