Friday, June 17, 2016

Submissions From Fans Of The Blog!

I love receiving just about anything from my 100's of fans!  Yes, I did say hundreds.  Things are really starting to pick up steam here at Blog Central.  And just about anything YOU submit will be included too.

  • Coach Bill Preston generously submitted a more complete map of the PSUAC Mont Alto XC Course I helped to map out last week. Thanks Coach!  I will certainly be there for the races.
  • KKOB sent me an article reminding us that PSU was there at the very beginning of the Nike Oregon Project.  Friend Tom Clarke, PSU Biomechanics PhD, started it all and recruited Alberto Salazar as the coach.  Previous post on this HERE.
  • Rob Whiteside and his daughter Phoebe (Large and White Rabbit) have had a terrible time of it once they entered the New England area.  They are currently in New Hampshire headed toward Maine on the Appalachian Trail, where the hiking is at some of the most difficult of the whole trail.  Weather has not been their friend at all, and Rob took a tumble with a few lingering side effects.  I hope all of you say a prayer for them as I do daily.

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