Friday, November 18, 2016

Animals On The Cross Country Course, And I'm Not Talking Nittany Lions

Tomorrow brings the end of the Collegiate Cross Country season with the NCAA Championships.  Although the Men aren't there, PSU takes a top-ten team to the course in Terre Haute.  And they will escape the blizzard affecting some of the Midwest.  Could be quite windy, though!

I recently lost my dog, Montgomery, a really beautiful Pomeranian.  He was a heck of an athlete, at least between bouts of emergency hospitalizations costing me thousands of dollars. I'm still paying some of those credit card bills...


This little fella looks like Monty did on the run.  I would bet Monty could take him though.  He did up to 6 miles at a time in his prime. He had Kenyan roots somehow.

And the competition can be quite tough in cross country, with the competing runners, the weather and the difficulty of hill and dale.  But now you must look out for wildlife too...

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