Thursday, November 24, 2016

Why I Don't Run Turkey Trots And Why I'm Not A Physicist

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As the family heads off to the downtown York Turkey Trot with 5,000 other folks, I am preparing for my usual 3-mile treadmill run.  Trust me, it's better off this way.  I was once disgusted when I entered the Maryland Marathon in 1977 and realized there were almost 2,000 runners.  I was disgusted by the sheer numbers of "joggers" in the field.  I wouldn't fare well in a crowd of revelers wearing costumes and dragging children and dogs with them. At a cost of $25 per runner, with nothing in return but a modicum of police protection, at least while running...

Artist's conception of me in 10 years.

Besides, I couldn't keep up with the "joggers" anymore anyway. 

And I always figured I wasn't smart enough to be a Physicist.  Now, it turns out I'm not smart enough AND don't have the right ingredients either!

What ingredients make the best physicists?

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