Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Odds and Ends

  1. Penn State has taken quite a few hits following the scandal involving former Defensive Coordinator Jerry Sandusky.  And they keep coming.  Recently, Mike McQueary prevailed in his suit against the University for (more than) unfair treatment following his role in the whole thing.  More than $7Million was awarded to him, which eventually comes from all of us. During last year's golf tourney, those climbing Mount Nittany were greeted by Mike and his dog at the top.  They found a broken man, a mere shell of his former self.  ...There are so many victims of that hideous and corrupt man, children at the top of the list...
  2. And yet Penn State still moves forward.  The most recent compilation shows the much hated (by finger wavers everywhere) Penn State football team shows the best in the Academic Bowl, graduating 80% of its players in 6 years.  That is far above the national average FOR ALL STUDENTS.  They also show no difference in graduation rates by ethnicity, an unheard of statistic across the nation.
  3. A new eating utensil has hit the market. Panda Chinese Kitchen is introducing the Chork, a combination of chopsticks and a fork.  I will be obtaining several! This is a fabulous addition for Spork owners everywhere. 
  4. The NCAA Regional XC Meet will be on the Golf Courses this Friday.  Because drones are banned, I will not be attending.  Please consider berating those in charge to change their stance and not just demean and cast aspersions about things they do not understand and have not intelligently considered. Their rules are arbitrary and without merit. Good luck in repeating as Mid-Atlantic Champions to the Women!

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