Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Is There Hope For The Resurrection Of My Running Career? And Who Has The Longest Running Career In Our Universe?

The answer is no, but a satellite that was abandoned in 1967, eight years before I started running, just woke up and started transmitting again!

Satellite Abandoned In 1967 Mysteriously Comes Back Online

 Who among us has the longest continual running career?  I'm at 92% of days since 1975 with an average of 4.8 miles per day.*

*and dropping daily!


  1. Running nearly continuously since May 1972, though doing it over increasingly shorter distances and at embarrassing slower paces. Without combing through musty log books, would guess I've averaged less than 10 days off per year.

    1. Impressive. I really started in 1973, but only ran during XC and Track season. Never counted those miles. You have me beat by a fair margin!


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