Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Bears! Be Careful Out There

It's that time of year again.  Bears are all in the news.  And most of it is bad.

Two maulings with death in Alaska last week.  One was a teenage trail runner who was chased, mauled and killed.  And these were both black bears, not the more aggressive brown variety. (And here.)

And here was another race in Colorado, where a black bear decided to bandit for possible prize money!  In the old days, this would have forfeited her amateur status.

And everyone remembers MY BEAR STORY from 1980 in Happy Valley!  I also took a run in Bear Meadows, parking the car along the trail.  The windows were cracked just a bit and there were sandwiches inside for when we were done our run.  When we returned there were 3 full grown bears on top of the car.  I handled it by adding 5 more miles to the run.  When we were done again, the bears were gone.

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