Monday, June 26, 2017

Three, Er... Four To London

The top echelon of the USATF Shot Put was nearly a Penn State Reunion.  And that Reunion will be traveling to London in early August!

With the 2nd place finish by former current World Champion Joe Kovacs and the fourth place finish by Olympian Darrell Hill, you would think PSU had a lock on the event.  But then you have to add the third place finisher Ryan Whiting who was a past Assistant Coach at "dear ole State".  With the exemptions available to past Champions, the USA gets 4 bids to the IAAF Shot Put Championships!

So, three Nittany Lions are headed to the Games?  But wait, there's more! 

With a really smart race (and really all three races were smart), Isaiah Harris took advantage of the absence of Clayton Murphy (who tried to do too much in the heat) and cruised into second place in the 800M with an almost even split 1:44.53!  (51.87 and 52.66)  That's the new School Record for the SOPHOMORE.

The "almost" Alumni Singlet is always appreciated!


  1. Nice props, and week presented again.

    Minor technicality and distinction, Davie.
    Joe it's still considered current/reigning world champion until this year's World's possibly decide otherwise.
    Phrase from article re competition of this year's USAs shot: "Crouser led through five rounds of the 2017 USATF Outdoor Championships on Sunday when Joe Kovacs, the formidable reigning world champion and world leader, popped a throw of 73 feet, 4 inches (22.35 meters) to take the lead and break the 15-year-old meet record."

    With love,

  2. Corrected, but.... Does Olympic title negate World Champion title from the preceding year? Confused interns want to know.


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