Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The Store Is Open!

The Kelly Sports Group Store is now open.  That means you have one month to place your order.  Simply create an Account and order away! Orders will be finalized in 28 days (7/10/2107) and only then will you be charged.  The items will then be embroidered in the next month and shipping will occur on around 8/8/2017

Calling all readers to spread the word again, via phone, Twitter, Facebook, email or (gasp!) by mouth! Those spreading the word by Sharing on Facebook will be entered in a drawing for a classic t-shirt! (Funds for this will come from the Intern Stipend Fund.)

All items are in Mens Sizing!!!  (adjust accordingly) 
For those using the landing page, the password listed on the flyer* will get you to the right page. Double check that the password is being entered correctly: PSUTFAL

Several items that I selected were unavailable, so this year's store will mostly be a Jacketpalooza! There are 4 separate jackets available, all with our great group logo embroidered on the left breast.
  • A lightweight jacket from Nike that was our most popular item the last two times.

  • A rain jacket from Under Armour that has been requested by many who missed it the first time.  I have this and it is a spectacular item.  I have used it extensively already, even at the recent Big Ten Championships when the sky threatened to let loose!
  • A Hybrid jacket with Nike Sphere technology that will bridge the gap between lightweight and heavy parka.

  • A Nike Parka for the worst weather Happy Valley throws at us.

Also, there are 2 other items available:

  • Rain pants from Under Armour to complete the rain set, especially for track officials and track coaches for those early season rainy meets. Logo on the left hip.
  • Classic 100% cotton t-shirts that are pre-shrunk.  These come in either white or grey with the small logo embroidered on the left breast.

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