Saturday, June 3, 2017

The Kelly Sports Store Is Opening Soon And I Need Your Help!

There will be another opening of the Kelly Sports Store very soon.  That's the same crew that the Alumni Association uses.  We will have more items available than ever before.  Some of them will be popular repeats and others will be brand new.  There will be items ranging from a measly $9 all the way to a spectacular Nike Winter Jacket for $200.

I am going to need the help of my many wonderful readers to spread the word throughout our Universe.  All of us will want several of these items, but some will never know they are available without YOUR help.

Please be sure to let others know about our blog and this sale.  You can do that in the old fashioned ways, like talking and phoning people.  But if you are a member of the new digital hermits out there, please Like and Share all our posts on all your social media sites to your friends and enemies alike.  Remember, you have many more friends than I do!!!!

Logo on all items formulated by industrious blog interns!

Under Armour Rain Pant

Nike Parka

Nike Hybrid Jacket

Old-fashioned cotton grey t-shirt for all the alums who ran in them daily from the 40s to 80s!

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