Thursday, June 29, 2017

What Is The Hardest Race In Track and Field? (Let's Have An Argument)

Former World Record Holder Michael Johnson has opined that an all-out 800M is the hardest race in track and field!

Michael Johnson @MJGold
I'm obviously biased toward the 400 and would like to agree BUT, when guys run the 800 for time instead of tactically its harder than 400. 

This is the best way to get an argument started, as we all know there is no perfect answer to the question.  So add you voice to the fray via the comments at the bottom of the post or on our Facebook site!  I'm keeping mum on my choice until later.

Remember Isaiah Harris's opinion on what it is like to run an all-out 800M:

"Light yourself on fire and then roll in broken glass to put out the fire!"
-from Isaiah Harris's Twitter Feed, explaining how to replicate the feeling after an all-out 800M race.

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