Monday, June 12, 2017

Ten Questions: Michael Shuey All-American!

Thanks to Michael Shuey for playing along with my 10 questions!

1. From what I can gather observing from afar, this year seems like a dream come true for you. Is that an accurate appraisal?
Anytime I can compete for Penn State is a dream come true for me. Being an athlete at this college was my dream since age 8. But to go through the surgeries and still be able to reach my goals is just icing on top of the cake.
 2. What was your injury and what did it take to come back as well as you did?
 I have had set backs since my 10th grade year in high school when I dislocated my elbow in a football game. Then the following year I got a blood clot in my throwing arm. The junior year at penn state in tore my UCL in my throwing arm which lead to surgery and was out for a whole year of not throwing javelin. Recovery from that is more mental then physical, I had to trust the surgery and not baby it. Which was just ignoring the little bit of pain.
 3. Was it as much fun as it looked winning the Big Ten title?
Winning the team title was a completely different feeling than any individual success. The vibs from the coaches and athletes made the experience amazing. We are such a close group of guys that achieving something together was something that I will never forget.
 4. Who taught you to throw a javelin?
In 7th grade I asked Coach Charney who was also a teacher I had, that I wanted to try javelin. He said that it's very technical and not something I could just pick up and do. But the last practice of the year he let me throw it in practice. The first couple throws I'll never forget he said "You could go to the Olympics" so after that he helped along with an assistance coach named Mike Sherry and Richard Schriber. But my high school coach Kurt Breakey was someone that really helped me become successful in it.
 5. Who are your idols in the Sport? 
Jan Zelzeny the world record holder is one of the throwers that I watched a lot growing up along with Tero Pitkämäki and Andreas Thorkildsen.
6. What is the proper angle when throwing a javelin?
The angle you want to throw the javelin is around 35 degrees. I'm working on doing that part of the throw well.
(There was a video game we used to play while in Podiatry School called "Track and Field"  It was a decathlon-like game with 10 events.  In the game 35 degrees was the ideal javelin angle while 45 degrees worked best for the shot put.  Takes me back 33 years!)
7. Have you ever heard Coach Groves’ story about how Willie Mays taught him to throw a javelin?
No, I never heard that story, please share hahah 
(It's a true story.  Willie Mays was in Coach Groves' unit in the Army at Fort Eustis Virginia, where Coach had a team. You need to go visit him and ask the question.  You may hear the story twice!)
8. It looks like there is more in the tank. What’s next for you?
Yes, more to come I hope. We leave for the USA championships in hopes to place high enough to make a USA team. 
(Good luck. Maybe I need to come up with 10 more questions!)
9. If you couldn’t throw the javelin, what other event would you do?
 If I couldn't do the javelin and had to pick another event. It would be high jump! I was recruited for the decathlon my freshmen year and loved to high jump.
10. Will you join us for a future Reunion and Coach Groves Golf Tourney?
I will for sure do the reunion and golf tournament.


  1. Very interesting interview with an outstanding young man and a great athlete and javelin thrower. A definite Penn State Great!

    1. Maybe I need to get his boots too for the next award!

  2. Excellent interview with an impressive young man. That was a very strong international javelin field. Shuey was not only the first American (3rd overall), he was the only American in the top 6. Let's hope he stays healthy and is able to continue to compete. I didn't realize that he was recruited as a decathlete. Hmmm :)


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