Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Alumni Singlets On The Ultra-Trail

Another friend I have met through my work on the blog has been Ron Moore.  Everyone knows my admiration for Ron, even though we have never met!  Here are a few reasons for my admiration.

  • Ron was a State Champion in high school.
  • Ron was a top runner for Coach Groves while at PSU.
  • Ron toils in the top levels of Physics even while juggling a family and ultra-marathon training. 
  • Recent 8th place finish at the Barkley Fall Classic 50K 50+K.
  • Ron proudly wears his Alumni Singlet while competing in places with names such as "Rat Jaw" , "Testicle Spectacle" and "Frozen Head". (I run on a treadmill called Bob)
  • Ron could give me 20 IQ points and still be ahead of me.
  • Ron will be running his first 100-Mile race soon!  (Donate to his cause HERE)
Ron at Testicle Spectacle.

The Finish

50K with PSU Pride!

Ron exits Rat Jaw


  1. Thanks, Dave! I changed into the PSU shirt at the marathon drop bag location so I could show it for the last 9 mile loop and the home stretch (and because I could no longer stand the smell of the first shirt). Do note the math - marathon + 9 mile loop is greater than 50K - additional difficulty bonus points for this race.

    I also appreciate the link to my 100 mile everydayhero page! Let's keep the donations coming!

  2. Are there any extra bonus points available if you run 3 miles on the treadmill at 0.5% incline or turn the 2 fans off? For a friend...

  3. Once again, the Chair of the Errors and Omissions Committee needs to be stoned, drawn and quartered and hoisted on his or her own pitard.

    Ron is a PA State Champion from Pittsburgh (home of Artie Gilkes and Myron Cope). Sigh


  4. Only Kinda Sorta Pittsburgh... Not 5 Sigma Pittsburgh.

  5. Also home of Andy Warhol for what that is worth!


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