Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Spiked Shoe Invitational This Week

 This weekend brings us the first Home XC Meet of the season with the Coach Harry Groves Spiked Shoe Invitational.  In honor of the event I have compiled the individual champions from each of the races for your perusal and comment.


1979 Jim Allahand (Unattached)
1980 Alan Scharsu (PSU)
1981 George Malley (Athletics West New Balance)
1982 Jeff Adkins (PSU)
1983 Greg Fredericks (Unnatttached)
1984 Tim Springfield (Virginia)
1985 Eric Carter (PSU)
1986 Eric Carter/Dave McMillan (PSU)
1987 Eric Carter (PSU)
1988 Peter Weilermann (JMU)
1989 Mark Crogan (Ohio State)
1990 Keith Dowling (Pittsburgh)
1991 Chris Payne (USF)
1992 Bob Donker (W. Virginia)
1993 Frank Nesko (Pittsburgh)
1994 Bob Hamer (PSU)
1995 Tom McGlynn (PSU)
1996 Che Arosomena (PSU)
1997 Matt Kodak (Bucknell)
1998 Frank Bruder (Pgh Pharoah Hounds)
1999 Peter Sherry (Unattached)
2000 Karl Savage (St. Joe’s)
2002 Jason Woodhouse (Okla. State)
2003 Dan Mazzocco (PSU)
2004 Macharia Yuot (Widener)
2005 Teddy Meyers (St. Joe’s)
2006 Mike Anderson (Dayton)
2007 Brian Fuller (PSU)
2008 Dan Busby (Syracuse)
2009 Lee Berube (Geneseo State)
2010 Donn Cabral (Princeton)
2011 Lee Berube (Geneseo State)
2012 Alejandro Arroyo Yamin (Princeton)
2013 Robby Creese (PSU)
2014 Matt Fischer (PSU)


  1. Wasn't the first iteration (possibly the second) of this meet called the Coaches Conference Championship?

  2. Coaches Conference? Don't think so. This meet was essentially a team time trial.

  3. GM, I don't think so either. I'm not sure of 1976 or earlier, but the official time trial for PSU XC in 1977, 1978 and 1979 was the Bypass Loop. Sounds crazy, but it is true. Don't remember 1980 or after. Coach did adjust the travel team according to each meet but the Bypass Loop was the most important race for the traveling squad.

  4. The only Coach's Conference I remember was the 1980 Track Championships in Rutgers. It was a Paterno dream that never came to fruition until later as the Big East Conference (without Paterno).

  5. Skwilli could the above be referring to the Central Collegiates meet?

  6. I don't think so???? But that has been postulated before.


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