Monday, September 28, 2015

An Oldie And A Goodie At A Different Belmont

This is brought to us from the garage museum of our great friend Mike Fanelli.  One of these days Mike will come golf with us and bring his Nittany Lion wife with him!  If the Olympic History was preserved by Coach Lucas, Mike has pretty much taken up everything else.  There seems to be no end to his vast archives!

As Larry Mangan points out, there are 3 Nittany Lions in the top 27 here:
  •  Greg Fredericks, 4th
  • Charles Maguire, 17th
  • Paul Stemmer, 27th 
The rest of the names are a Who's Who listing of the golden era of Cross Country.  Be sure to peruse the listing for a few smiles.


  1. I see a sub 4 minute miler from U of Penn in 105th place!

  2. Reggie McAfee was also competing for Philly Pioneers!


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