Wednesday, September 16, 2015

I'm Terrified Of The 400 M

I have always been terrified of having to run a 400M race.  In high school it was my coach's threat to get me to run 4 races instead of having to run anchor on the 4 x 440Y.  I have only ever run one timed 400M and that was early in my Junior year when Coach Groves announced the event at the beginning of an interval session.  We even lined up in lanes with John "JB" Barber and Coach Groves and others actually timing everyone individually. 

I held my own with a just slightly too fast start and smooth middle 200M.  The last 100M was grueling but I held my own and came to the finish in the middle of the pack tied with John "Ziggy" Zeigler in 54 seconds.  I think with years of practice and dedication to the event, I could have topped out at 53.9!

But THIS 400M will not be my next attempt at the distance. Thanks to KKOB for the link.

What was Your Best 400M, you distance-running smartypants?

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