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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Spiked Shoe Invitational: Women's Turn

I take heat every time I post something and seemingly forget the Women.  But you women know we love you!  Never fear.


2000 Katie Jazwinski (Michigan)

2002 Tracey Brauksieck (PSU)

2003 Molly Landreth (PSU)

2004 Molly Landreth (PSU)

2005 Lindsey Donaldson (Yale)

2006 Jillian Sullivan (UConn)

2007 Bridget Franek (PSU)

2008 Cheryl Spring (PSU

2009 Cheryl Spring (PSU)

2010 Emily Jones (Georgetown)

2011 Hannah Neczypor (Georgetown)

2013 Emily Giannotti (PSU)

2014 Kara Foster (Unattached Ryan's wife and our Southern Hemisphere Outreach Specialist.)

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