Monday, September 7, 2015

Holiday Ramblings Amid a Day Off

 Don't forget to help spread the word of PSU Track and Field Alumni (Golf) to all your Social Media friends who won't listen to me!  Prizes await.

It's Labor Day, a day set aside for the Working Man to NOT have to work.  A day envisioned by Union activists and finally made into Federal law. With my bona fide membership in a division of the AFL-CIO Union, even I take the day off.  Add my 2 Hybrid cars and 3 electric lawn mowers, and you would swear I was a certain Leftist.  You'll have to ask Gary, Nick and Larry about that...

Don't bother to stretch before you run.  And don't warm-up too much, either. But anyone paying attention to me over the years already knew that. 

"A marathon is a 20-Mile Run with a 3-Mile warm-up and a 3 Mile warm-down."
-Anonymous, before the 1979 NVTC Marathon.

 Does the average runner care about USATF?  No, of course not. But it does give me an excuse for another photo of Cas Loxsom with Nick Symmonds!

The Prisoner's Dilemma adapted to Students.  People are remarkably predictable.

Uh-Oh!  Are cracks forming in the Hoover Dam of Physics?  Will Large Hadron Collider experiments dismantle the Standard Model?

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