Tuesday, September 29, 2015

My Readers Are The Best: And I'll Never Doubt Our New Blog Laureate Again

The 1974 AAU XC Championship listing from Mike Fanelli's vast archives was a big hit.  The only way to top it would be photographs from that meet.  And Dan Martinez, our best Oregon Duck connection, has come through for us again!  Both Mike and Dan have always been invited to our Reunion and Golf Outing.  It would be a pleasure to have a Duck and a native Philadelphian amongst our ranks.  Please chime in with who is who among the runners pictured. (Hint: There seems to be 2 Nittany Lions lurking in the photos somewhere?)

And it turns out that Larry Mangan was 100% correct and both the previous Blog Laureate and I were 100% wrong.  Larry will now be tasked with his newest Group title as Blog Laureate, a position that has been unfilled for far too long.

The Coach Groves Spiked Shoe Meet was known as the Coaches Conference Meet in its early manifestation.  I'm not sure who did the legwork on this but I am impressed.  The telltale article was found in the Reading Eagle of all places.

  1. Larry Mangan   24:40   5.2 mile  (Course Record)
  2. Alan Scharsu     24:56
  3. John Zeigler
  4. Tom Rapp
  5. Jeff Adkins
  6. Ricky Garcia
  7. Jim Clelland
I cannot thank my readers enough for making this site almost factually accurate! hee hee hee All errors in fact are usually my responsibility.  But most times, my readers rescue me.


  1. Looks like Tom Donnelly, Haverford College coach, in the Phila Pioneers uniform. Fredericks, Maguire, Stemmer and Wyatt all ran for that club at one time in the seventies and eighties.

  2. Photo 3 Barry Brown in second place with Florida Track Club singlet

  3. Third photo again. Probably Reggie McAfee leading Barry Brown.


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