Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Admit It, You've Been Thinking About The 2020 Election!

Really, most anyone paying attention in the past decade realized that the 2016 election was scripted years ago by a demented sadist of some sort, just to bring an equal measure of misery to all of us.

But the 2020 election may be a different story.  And thanks to one of our Digital Archive Goddeses, Kay Warfel, I was re-introduced to the author  of a new novel about the election 4 years from now. (I think we have met before, but my lessening number of brain cells intervenes.)

Most of us know Fred Singleton as a captain of one of Coach Groves' favorite teams, the first of his to win an ICAAAA (IC4A!) Championships in 1974.  I have often said that our ranks (PSU Track Alumni Golfers) produces some of the world's finest people, and Fred is another example of that.

And now Fred has written a novel about the 2020 election which involves something he noticed about the US Constitution in his capacity as a History teacher.  Check it out, ORDER A COPY, and rate it highly on Amazon.  That's an order from Coach Groves!
Addendum:  Fred wishes me to remind you that this is a fictional account of the 2020 election. With the reality today, we all need reminded of that!

The Quorum's Child: And the Constitution-Challenging Election of 2020


I was born Joseph Frederick Singleton, but at an early age my family called me either “Fred” or “Freddie”. From the late 1950s through the early 1970s I grew up in Mount Vernon, New York (it borders the Bronx), which at the time was a multi-cultural, great place to live. My parents Joseph and Lucille, a postal executive and insurance underwriter, respectively, provided a loving home for me and my older brother Ken.

Like so many young men of that era, I was drawn to playing baseball and basketball, but in the late fall of my sophomore year I tried out for the Mount Vernon High School indoor track team – a decision which forever changed my life. Inspired by the seniors on the team and by my two coaches Dave Rider and Bob Brooke, two men who are on my personal Mount Rushmore, I instantly loved the sport. By the end of my senior year I was a three-time state champion and national champion in two hurdle races.

Accepting a scholarship to Penn State University, I had four good years of running, culminating, in 1974, in being a co-captain of Coach Harry Groves’ ICAAAA championship team – the first for the Nittany Lions since 1959.

Returning home after graduation, I was hired by the White Plains School District as a history teacher, assigned to the high school’s alternative school, the White Plains Community School – a position and location I kept for thirty-six years. I loved being in the classroom and being around my colleagues. In my third year, I was hired as the assistant track coach, where I forged a strong coaching relationship and life-long friendship with Nick Panaro, who had also run for Dave Rider. Presently in my forty-first season of coaching in the district, I am so very thankful for the many thousands of people I have met either in our school district or from other schools– coaches, officials and of course, the athletes. I have been very fortunate.

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