Tuesday, October 25, 2016

To Heck With Drones, SquirrelCams Are The Next Big Thing

I hope to fly Airship 800U this weekend to bring footage of the PSUAC (Branch Campus) XC Championships from Chambersburg. All 5 airports there have been notified and local authorities grudgingly gave permission! Apparently, if you fold a piece of paper in just the right way, you too can be classified as an "airport'!

 But now I'm wondering if drones are the best thing for those aerial shots. I can't afford a blimp, but there are thousands of squirrels in the neighborhood. Nobody would miss just one if I kidnapped him, would they?

Penn State's Squirrel Whisperer could probably assist me in the efforts, and would be able to talk a willing subject into donating his time! Thus, aid me in avoiding a kidnapping charge.

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