Saturday, October 22, 2016

PSU Track Alumni Store Reviews Are Coming In

  "Very nice. Took awhile. Worth the wait."
-Ted Lyon.

The merchandise is arriving all over.  And the reviews are unanimously great!  Here's Ted Lyon's son modeling the Rain Jacket...  Looking good!  Addendum:  Remember, the items are shipped one month after the Store closes.  And they arrive via USPS.  Don't panic if you haven't received yours yet!

I wore my Rain Jacket yesterday in the coincidental rain.  Had 3 comments from admirers at Mod Pizza!  Those in Centre County needed one too, with the up to 7 inches of rain they received yesterday.  I slept in my t-shirt and can report a better than usual somnolence.  The blanket is headed for use in the RV.

Keep us updated with your opinions of the merch!

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