Sunday, October 2, 2016

Movies, Movies, Movies!

Our Hollywood connection, Mike Pfaff has sent us word of one of his projects and would appreciate help from the rest of us PSU Track Alumni rabble!  I'll let him tell us...

DO NOT disappoint him!
You have a smart TV right?  If you do, download one of the following applications:  Google Play, Itunes or Vudu.  They’re just like Netflix, only free. After you’ve downloaded them search for the movie “Let It Bleed.”  You’ll see your old pal. You can associate the account with your paypal account or credit card if you want and they only charge you what you order. 
Would you mind watching the film and then of course giving it a 5 star rating?  All jokes aside, this was the lowest budget project I’ve ever shot.  It cost $7500 to make.  Most student films cost much more so the fact that they got this distribution outlet says a lot about the creative team behind it.  I’m starting to work as a producer (doing some writing too) with this team and am going to be working with them to make more movies in the future… with higher budgets.  Let It Bleed was entirely improvised, they had no script!  I think you’ll actually enjoy it for the most part, of course you’ll dissect it and have problems with the plot (as  my wife who saw it last night for the first time), but I still think you’ll be entertained….

Mike Pfaff
And while you are at it, you can help me also!  "My" (really Director John Johnson's)  movie, Plan 9, is available from Google Play, Wal Mart ($3.99 rental!), and others, will soon be on Netflix!  I am an Associate Producer on the project which is a remake of Ed Wood's "worst movie ever made", Plan 9 From Outer Space.  This was Bela Lugosi's last film.  A 5-star rating would be nice there too!

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