Sunday, October 30, 2016

Back In Black!

'Cause I'm back
Yes, I'm back
Well, I'm back
Yes, I'm back
Well, I'm back, back
Well, I'm back in black
Yes, I'm back in black

I have finally made it in front of a computer for a real post!  It was either the Zithromax or the Kung Pao combination of shrimp and chicken that has brought me back from the dead.  My money is on the Kung Pao, as you all know.

Many things have piled up in the meantime, and I'm still procrastinating on the 800M thing and the interview with Olympian Darrell Hill.  There's no end to the stuff piling up around me.

Some items of interest:
  • Coach Bill Preston's PSU Mont Alto Women won the PSUAC conference championships. And both of his Men were first team All-Conference.  All of his runners will be headed to the USCAA Nationals in Virginia Beach.  Congrats from his biggest fan.
  • I missed the meet because I was in bed, so didn't get to fly Airship 800U to bring aerial views of the whole thing.  Pretty disappointed, but didn't really have a chance.
  • The PSU squads are warming up for the Big Ten Championships right now!  Good luck.
  • Our Laundry Officer has reminded me to put the Fit For Fritz event on the blog!

Coach Fritz Spence, center, is a better golfer than I.

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