Sunday, October 23, 2016

Huge Nittany Lion Victory!

No, I don't mean anything on the gridiron.  I'm talking about Ron Moore's victory at the Firewater 100K Ultra  race in Greenback, TN.  We may need to start a GoFundMe to get a spare Alumni Jersey for Ron, as he could not find his before heading out to the race.

Looking good at 50K!
As a podiatrist, I won't comment on this softball photo submission.

The demented look of a 100K victor! Tennessee whisky optional.
And if that wasn't crazy enough for the rest of us, Partner the Better ran a 5 hour tune-up for her upcoming Dopey Challenge ON THE TREADMILL yesterday.  Which do you feel is the more "crazy", 62 miles on Mountain Trails or 5 Hours on a Treadmill?

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