Saturday, January 21, 2017

Fast Times At Idaho High

Not Michael Slagowski.

Ken Cooper found this gem just thrust onto You Tube about the Boise Turkey Trot this past Thanksgiving.

We haven't yet had the debut of Michael Slagowski in a Nittany Lion uniform, but this glimpse of him as the victor of the 5K will suffice for now.  I hope to meet him next week at the Penn State National!

This video also points out the usefulness of drone footage in spreading the word of the best sport in the world.  Too bad the powers-that-be in charge of PSU XC meets have seen to ban them completely despite responsible and law-abiding pilots and a thorough misunderstanding of the rules and laws.  I hope to one day return to see a PSU home XC meet, but will need a written invitation for my lawyer.

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